10 July 2017

451 Research: Eshgro looks to become the Netflix of business applications

As a cloud broker we strive to bring applications and users together as effortlessly as possible. Renowned business analyst 451 Research, who specialises in the IT market, recently published an article on Eshgro. Their findings? The approach and philosophy that Eshgro follows show remarkable similarities to the widely popular Netflix. Wait.., what?



“Eshgro looks to become the Netflix of LoB applications in Europe” – 451 Research, maart 2016


A catalogue of applications instead of movies

We want to empower IT partners and their customers to easily compose a tailored cloud solution, based on their unique business needs and goals. This reasoning is one of the main drivers behind the Eshgro Cloud Configurator. The Cloud Configurator offers users a vast catalogue of applications, which users can add to their cloud workspace. A cloud workspace that can be used anywhere and anytime. In a way not too different from how you would browse through movies and series, based on your personal preferences, and view them wherever and whenever you want to. For a transparent, fixed cost per month.

Hybrid content

The resemblance doesn’t end there. Delivering your favourite show onto the screen requires a complex system of servers, connections and networks. But as a user you need not to bother with this – thankfully. Likewise the Cloud Configurator allows you to select the functionality you require, without having to concern yourself with the underlying infrastructure. Netflix offers a selection of both new content (like Netflix’ own production House of Cards) and ‘old’ content (classic movies like the Godfather), both delivered on the same platform. Our application portfolio consists of cloud-native applications as well as legacy applications, all of which are available in one single portal. Select and build an integrated, hybrid cloud solution that suits your preferences and requirements.

Your cloud partner

Obviously, there are many differences as well. Providing a business IT solution is a completely different ballgame from streaming a movie. Using software in the cloud means you have to choose an application, or combination of applications, based on its fit for your business processes and strategy. Additionally there are issues such as integration, data security, continuity and support to consider. And precisely these elements are where a good partner in cloud services can make all the difference.

Using IT based on functionality

At the end of the day our common goal is to provide users with a way they can consume IT the way they want to. Safe, reliable and without requiring high investments in technology. So despite the differences, the comparison with Netflix might not be that far off. The Eshgro Cloud Configurator allows businesses to build a cloud desktop based on the solutions they requires, without technical hassle. And this shift is creating interesting opportunities for cloud resellers and other IT partners.