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Working in the cloud offers the possibility for limitless entrepreneurship for businesses of any size. Create your own cloud and immediately enjoy the advantages.

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All applications, easy and fast, secure in the cloud in your online workspace

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Eshgro likes to make it easy for you. That is why we offer cloud solutions based on how you want the IT for your organisation to be managed. You can choose to have everything taken care of, to manage it all yourself, or something in between. Would you like to try how you could set up your IT with Eshgro, start a trial period.

30 days for free

  • Smart

    from € 15(per user per month)

    Standard Cloud Workspace


    Cloud Security

    Generic Compliance

  • Business

    from € 25(per user per month)

    Extensive Cloud Workspace


    Business Unit Workspaces

    Extensive Cloud Security

    Generic Compliance

  • Enterprise

    from € 30(per user per month)

    Advancend Cloud Workspace

    Office365 and traditional

    Business Unit Workspaces

    Industry specific applications

    Extensive Cloud Security

    Application Security

    Generic Compliance

    Industry specific Audits

    Own Admin Center

    Completely unburdened Migration

Want to take a specific application to the cloud?

Are you curious to know if your application is available in our cloud? Have a look at our database with more than 700 applications.

Only wear the shoe if it fits!

A cloud solution should suit your organisation. At Eshgro we want to make things easy for you and you can try the cloud platform for free for 30 days. If it fits… just keep using it.

Start a free 30-day trial in Smart, Business of Enterprise. Experience your new online workspace straight away and discover what the 3 cloud solutions offer you.

Eshgro has developed from the belief that working in the cloud ought to be easy for the IT department as well as any other employee. All applications, quick and easy, secure in the cloud. Just Select – Click – Go Eshgro. Take the 30-day free trial now and start the cloud demo.

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