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Your business ready for the future

It is increasingly important to react quickly to market changes. This demands a fresh take on IT, with its focus on business value instead of technical features. A solution in which your business and its users are leading. That way IT really becomes an added value for your business, allowing you to focus on growth. With a Cloud Workspace your business is ready for the future!

Better control of your IT costs

With the Cloud Workspace you gain insight in and control of your IT costs. It’s predictable, scalable and transparent, for a fixed monthly fee. You pay for solutions instead of technology. No hidden expenses for management or maintenance, or any large up-front investments. This way you increase the yield of your IT budget.

  • Scalable and transparent, for a fixed monthly fee
  • Pay for solutions instead of technology
  • No large up-front investments

Trusted and familiar

Protecting you company data is essential. We guarantee that your data, processes and applications are protected. This way we help your company comply with laws and regulations, such as the GDPR. Our service is certified according to the most important standards. Build on a secure, familiar cloud environment. Access for mobile users is also strictly protected.

  • A secure and familiar workspace for your employees
  • In compliance with laws and regulations, such as the GDPR
  • Certified in accordance with ISO 27001, ISAE 3402, NEN 7510

Customized for your business

Create a streamlined user experience in a hybrid environment with all your applications. Your cloud is customized to your business. You increase your employees’ productivity by placing applications and documents in a familiar cloud environment. It’s an integrated workspace to which you can add any line-of-business application you require.

With the Cloud Workspace you can choose from 700 line-of-business applications. Public and private cloud environments can be combined seamlessly. The result is a single integrated solution for all your business processes.

  • Your business, your applications, your cloud
  • A customized and integrated workspace
  • Choose from over 700 line-of-business applications

Business-driven IT

Only too often IT still focuses on technology instead of solutions, even though cloud offers ways to let your business grow. By using cloud, you as the IT manager can focus on the fun part of IT and problems are solved with only a few mouse clicks.

By focusing on solutions instead of technology IT is no longer an expense, but a strategic tool. You can focus on the growth of your business and improve your competitive position. With a Cloud Workspace your business is ready for the future!

  • IT as a strategic tool
  • Focus on growth
  • Ready for the future

Build your cloud

Would you like to know more about the Cloud Workspace? In four free steps you can build your own unique cloud workspace, and you will immediately receive a proposal tailored to your organisation, without any obligations. Do you have any questions about the Cloud Workspace or any of our other services? Please contact us.

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