Working with Eshgro enables you to build on a secure, trusted cloud environment. You select where your data is being stored and ensure that your IT is compliant with legal and industry requirements. Additionally, Eshgro services are certified according to the highest standards, like the GDPR. Allowing your users and customers to rest assured knowing their data is processed in a secure environment.

ISO 27001 is an internationally recognized standard for information security. The standard specifies the requirements for implementing, executing, monitoring and improving an Information Security Management System (ISMS). The focus lies with identifying business risks and implementing security measures.

Because of its widespread availability and application ISO 27001 is a requirement for many outsourcing projects.

  • Information security and risk management
  • Internationally recognized standard
  • Applicable to all types of organizations

ISAE 3402 is an international standard for reporting outsourced processes (SOC reports). In case of a type II audit there is a substantive assessment of the reporting setup and functioning over a period of at least six months. This makes the ISAE 3402 certification especially worthwhile for accountants and financial institutions.

The exact setup differs for each country, sector and business. The scope and contents of the report are therefore essential to the value of the assurance. Eshgro uses the NOREA standards for outsourced ICT services and has set up more than 90 controls.

  • International standard for outsourcing
  • Substantive assessment of setup and functioning
  • Much in demand with accountants and financial institutions

NEN 7510 is a standard for information security in healthcare, developed in the Netherlands. The standard pays extra attention to aspects that are unique to the healthcare sector, such as processing patient data.

By working with NEN 7510 certified suppliers healthcare institutions are better able to ensure that its data is in good hands. The use of NEN 7510 is included in Dutch regulations.

  • Information security for healthcare
  • Dutch standard
  • Specifically for healthcare institutions


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