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Working in the cloud offers the possibility for limitless entrepreneurship for businesses of any size. Create your own cloud and immediately enjoy the advantages.

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Easily and quickly move all your ERP office applications to the cloud with ERP Workspace.

Your online work space properly taken care of with ERP Workspace

Get started right away with your ERP and office application(s) using ERP Workspace and create your own online workspace.

6 reasons why you should opt for Eshgro

Eshgro has developed from the belief that working in the cloud ought to be easy for the IT department as well as any other employee. All applications, quick and easy, secure in the cloud. Just Select – Click – Go Eshgro.

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Why Eshgro

ERP Workspace

Use your ERP system to combine all your logistic, financial and administrative information. A system with all your crucial data.

Eshgro’s ERP Workspace makes it easy and quick to move your ERP system to the cloud. With Eshgro you can manage any ERP application from a central environment. Applications can be switched on or off for individual users from a central environment. A new employee? Just scale up the amount of users for that particular application.

ERP Workspace applications

Eshgro's portfolio offers a wide range of workspace applications and contains over 700 different business applications. By migrating all your applications and files to the cloud, you will increase your employees' productivity. They will be able to log in anywhere, anytime.

With ERP Workspace you create an integrated workspace to which you can add all your applications, allowing you to use your cloud your way.

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ERP Workspace applications