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IT support automation

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IT management without fuss

The Admin Center by Eshgro turns day-to-day IT support into child’s play. With this innovative support tool you respond quicker to questions from IT users and you solve problems in an instant.

With the Admin Center you

  • Save time and money on daily support operations,
  • Automate the management of your IT users,
  • Increase your clients’ loyalty.

The Admin Center is part of the Eshgro CSB Suite. The CSB Suite consists of a set of tools such as the Cloud Configurator, Quote Manager and the Admin Center. With the CSB Suite you have all you need to speed up the growth of your cloud business!

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Save valuable time

With the Admin Center you manage all your clients from one window. From this window you can recover passwords, reset an application or add an IT user with just a few mouse-clicks. It saves you valuable time that you can spend on (potential) clients instead.

“By working with Eshgro we are able to supply clients we couldn’t reach before.”

Sjoerd Swart and Gert de Jong
Managers Altronic ICT and Telecom

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Increase your clients’ loyalty

Thanks to the Admin Center you can respond faster to questions on IT support. Resetting a password, creating a new mailbox or changing authorizations are child’s play with this handy tool. You can also give your clients access to the Admin Center, allowing local IT managers to support their own users.

You can be directly of service to IT users with the Admin Center, quickly getting them back on track again with their daily work, and increasing their loyalty. You can focus on expanding your business.

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Do you want to expand your cloud business? Curious to know how to create custom cloud solutions for your client in no time?

Contact us for a free online demo and discover the advantages for you and your clients. Our experts would like to show you how to use the Admin Center and other tools from the CSB Suite to successfully create cloud solutions. Do you want to get started with the Admin Center immediately? As partner of Eshgro you get access to this and other tools. Discover all the advantages for your business.

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