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Creating cloud solutions fast

The Cloud Configurator is a flexible sales tool that saves you as IT partner a lot of time. With this tool you create a cloud offer for your IT user in just a few mouse-clicks.

With the Cloud Configurator you

  • Create a unique cloud in seven steps,
  • Have access to over 700 business applications,
  • Offer functionality instead of technology,
  • immediately generate recurring revenue (MRR).

The Cloud Configurator is part of the CSB Suite. The CSB Suite is an innovative business platform that includes a set of tools such as the Quote Manager, the Admin Center and the Cloud Configurator, all of which help you as partner to expand your business.

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Deliver value, not technology

Often IT solutions are still focused on technology, instead of on the IT user. Delivering value starts when the needs of your client take center-stage. The Cloud Configurator is aimed at functional advantages instead of technical features.

By answering functional questions with your client, such as the applications that will be used, you put your IT user’s business first. With only a few mouse-clicks you add the most important applications for your client. Thanks to the Cloud Configurator you don’t have to worry about the underlying technology, and you can focus entirely on adding value for your client. You help them to work smarter, increase their productivity and to be more flexible. The Cloud Configurator puts your client’s goals at the center.

“By working with Eshgro we are able to supply clients we couldn’t reach before.”

Sjoerd Swart and Gert de Jong
Managers Altronic ICT and Telecom

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To the cloud in seven steps

With the Cloud Configurator you can create a customized offer for your client in seven steps.

  1. Find the solution for your company
  2. Choose your compliancy and security settings
  3. Choose your service level
  4. Choose from over 700 business applications
  5. Determine your storage capacity
  6. Select your printers, scanners and multi-functionals
  7. Check the specification and request a quote

Sell cloud solutions more easily

While implementing your IT user’s needs you immediately see the costs per user. It allows you to give your client a customer quote in just a few mouse-clicks. This saves you time and money and you can focus on expanding your cloud business.

The Cloud Configurator immediately gives you a set price per user per month. So you immediately generate recurring cloud revenue. Fast and easy.

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Do you want to expand your cloud business? Curious to know how you could create custom cloud solutions for your client in no time?

Contact us for a free online demo and discover the benefits for you and your clients. Our experts would like to show you how to use the Cloud Configurator and other tools from the CSB Suite to successfully create cloud solutions. Do you want to get started with the Cloud Configurator right away? As partner of Eshgro you get access to this and other tools. Discover the advantages for your business.

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