Azure Hybrid Workspace

Your first step to growing your business with cloud

The best of two worlds

Want to grow your business successfully? Choose an IT solution that matches your unique challenges and ambitions. Create a tailor-made hybrid workspace and grow your business, your way. Discover the benefits of Microsoft Azure.

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The best of both worlds

More and more organisations see opportunities in cloud technology. It is possible to make giant steps forward by combining cloud applications with your existing workspace. Mix the flexibility and scalability of cloud applications with your own familiar IT facilities: the result is a hybrid solution.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a global cloud platform that provides access to a growing number of cloud services. These services are easily combined with existing Microsoft technology. This enables you as a user to assemble your unique, hybrid workspace. You choose how you use Azure technology.

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One step at a time

Microsoft Azure’s advanced capabilities and business options bring numerous advantages, even if you only put a single application into the cloud. There is no need to jump into the deep-end straight away. Migrate to the cloud at your own pace, one step at a time!


  • Combine the best of public and private cloud
  • Move over to cloud solutions at your own pace
  • Easily integrate cloud services with your existing IT
  • Hook up seamlessly to Office 365 and other Microsoft products
  • Only pay for the capacity you need
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A hybrid cloud with Microsoft Azure generates attractive financial benefits. Its transparent pay-per-use model means no substantial capital investments are required. What’s more, you only pay for the capacity you need. Increase the return on your IT expenses and reduce the financial risk for your organisation at the same time. Sounds appealing, doesn’t it?

Office 365

Office integration

Choose an Azure Hybrid Workspace and seamlessly integrate with Office 365 and other Microsoft products. One of the greatest challenges when building a hybrid IT solution is to create a uniform user experience. Use Azure in combination with other Microsoft technologies you are familiar with and experience the benefits.


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