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Working in the cloud offers the possibility for limitless entrepreneurship for businesses of any size. Create your own cloud and immediately enjoy the advantages.

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  • Manage your own cloud

    Your own Admin Center in which you easily add applications or users and only pay for use.

  • Fast and inexpensive

    Add new users and applications in no time, while keeping your monthly costs down.

  • Secure and familiar

    Your cloud environment always optimally secure and management of the authorisations and access of each user.

  • Costs under control

    Turn your IT expenses into transparent, monthly costs per user. Only pay for what you need.

  • All applications in the cloud

    Move each application for every sector to the cloud without fuss, and manage it all from your own Admin Center.

  • Always compliant

    Compliancy is key. Within your own cloud your compliancy is monitored and guaranteed.

Work in the cloud the way you want to

Choose your applications and use the cloud your way. Discover how to use the cloud to allow your business to grow.

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