29 November 2017

The Admin Center is expanding

In order to provide the best possible service to you as user and manager of Eshgro cloud services, we set great store by the continuing development of our products. That is why we have added a number of new features to the Admin Center that are now available. Here we explain the new developments within the Admin Center.

 Most of these features are available to both users and IT partners.

Export overviews quickly
This new feature makes it possible to export users or groups to Excel. In this export you see at a glance which user has which authorizations, for example the access users have to applications. The questions “Are users linked to the correct groups?” is answered in no time.

Connection with Office 365
The licence for Office 365 can now be found in the Admin Center. With just a few mouse-clicks this licence is visible to you as manager. Is can also be made visible for other IT users.

Does a mailbox use Office 365? Then it automatically connects with the correct licence. This makes it easier to create new mailboxes and to add aliases to users. From now on, changing and deleting Office 365 mailboxes is child’s play as well.

IT users with their own mail service that does not fall under Microsoft 365 can also add aliases to users in the Admin Center from now on.

More user info
Previously it was already possible to register a first and last name for various user accounts. With this addition it is possible to set, change or delete for example a postal code or phone number for each account. This information is automatically linked to your Active Directory.

On top of that comes the possibility of adding an extra field, for instance for a signature. This signature is automatically copied from the Admin Center to the mailbox of your IT User.

Exclusively for partners: easy reading of log files
This new feature enables you to read log files. In these logs you find application and system notifications. Other useful information like failed login attempts can also be spotted easily.

Exclusively for partners: switching servers offline and online
With this new feature it has become easy to take a server offline or put it online. You take a server offline, for example to prevent anyone from logging in on that server. This can be useful for scheduled maintenance.

Do you want to know more about the expanded features of the Admin Center? Please contact your Eshgro account manager or request a free online demo of the CSB Suite.