10 July 2017

Eshgro wins HPE award ‘Global Service Provider of the Year 2016′

Global Partner Conference 2016, Boston, USA

Award ceremony at the HP GlobalPartner Conference in Boston.From left to right: Meg Whitman (CEO Hewlett Packard Enterprise), Anton Loeffen (CEO Eshgro) and Guido Wouters (COO Eshgro).

Eshgro has won the ‘Global Service Provider of the Year’ award by Hewlett Packard Enterprise. This prize has been awarded during the HPE Global Partner Conference in Boston to Anton Loeffen, CEO Eshgro.

Recognition for distinctive achievements

It is the first time HPE handed out the ‘Global Partner awards’ to internationally oriented partners who have completed or who have distinguished in another way high growth. The HPE 2016 Partner of the Year Awards recognize outstanding achievements and partners who raise the bar for business excellence and customer satisfaction. Eshgro was selected as ‘Global Service Provider of the Year 2016’ thanks to its distinctive business results for joint customers, outstanding financial performance and its innovative position in the market.

Innovative business model with a functional perspective on cloud

Robert Wigger, EMEA Service Provider Business, VP of Hewlett Packard Enterprise: “Customers and partners can create their own cloud solution based on functionality using the Cloud Configurator, without having to worry about technical requirements or infrastructure maintenance. This vision provides our joint customers with the ability to create a tailored cloud solution. In addition, the cooperation between Eshgro and HPE allows Eshgro to reach new markets with innovative business models. ”

Expanded service offering reinforces unique position

Anton Loeffen, CEO Eshgro explains: “As a leading service provider, we have made incredible progress in expanding our service offering by developing the Cloud Services Brokerage Suite. This enables our partners to produce private and hybrid Cloud solutions on HPE’s cloud platform. Our Cloud Configurator is at the center of this, allowing our partners (VARs, ISVs and MSPs) to market their own cloud services. Thanks to our CSB-suite and service catalog our partners achieve a faster go-to-market and increased recurring revenue. With our CSB Suite and turnkey Services Catalogue, including over 700 business applications, Eshgro has acquired a unique position as a Cloud Services Brokerage Enabler. We greatly appreciate the formal recognition of HPE for our innovative vision on cloud and outstanding business results that winning this award represents.”

The HPE Global Partner Conference was held from September 12th to 14th in Boston. At GPC 2016, HP and HPE Inc. discuss subjects such as business agility, shared growth, profitability and innovative solutions to customers. A very select number of Dutch business partners were present.