Cloud configurator

Your own cloud in 7 steps

Building a cloud solution, customised for your customer, in 7 easy steps. Meet the Cloud Configurator. A unique sales enablement tool which enables you to offer a complete cloud solution in a few clicks of a mouse. Add and integrate any service and device, select additional requirements and immediately create a tailored quote for your customer. The Cloud Configurator is based on functional questions, making sure the user doesn’t need to be bothered with the underlaying technology.

Deliver business value, instead of technology

IT solutions are too often focused on technology, instead of the user. But delivering value means focusing on the user. With a cloud solution that is based on operational advantages rather than technical features. But your client’s business first and help him to work smarter, increase his productivity and be more flexible. The Cloud Configurator enables you to better support your client’s business goals.


Use the Cloud Configurator and:

  • Build a unique cloud in 7 steps
  • Access to over 700 business applications
  • Put your customers’ goals first
  • Successfully market your unique services
  • Immediately generate recurring revenue

Your solutions first

Your company and services are at the center of the CSB Suite. The platform has a white label design so you can perfectly match it to your own branding. In addition, simply add your own services and products to the CSB Suite to sell in a subscription based model. This way your unique value stays at the front and you differentiate yourself from the competition.

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