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Altronic ICT and Telecom

Altronic is an ICT and telecom supplier, located in Hendrik Ido Ambacht (NL). Altronic’s Management has chosen Eshgro as partner for supplying business cloud solution. “By working with Eshgro we are able to supply clients we couldn’t reach before,” say Sjoerd Swart and Gert de Jong, managers at Altronic.

Altronic has been active since 1991 and has years of experience and broad knowledge of the ICT-Telecom market. Altronic supports organisations with advice on, supplying, implementing and managing innovative ICT and telecom solutions. Thanks to their practical approach Altronic makes it possible for clients to use affordable and innovative solutions. As well as many business clients, Altronic services organisations in the public and healthcare sectors.

Growth plans

The Management at Altronic has ambitious growth plans, so they want to service ever bigger organisations. But with a new market come new obstacles and client requests. “Enterprise organisations often have specific demands when it comes to certifications, continuity and service levels. In order to comply we had to invest heavily in our organisation and technology. That would bring risks we’d rather not take. The cooperation with Eshgro offers us the means to comply with the demands of these organisations, without having to invest ourselves.”

“By working with Eshgro we are able to supply clients we couldn’t reach before.”

Sjoerd Swart and Gert de Jong
Managers Altronic ICT and Telecom

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