10 July 2017

Protect yourself from Office 365 data loss

As a Cloud Service Broker we see more and more organisations are adopting Office 365. This naturally leads to a growing amount of business data being stored in the cloud. Data that is probably essential for your business continuity. Because of this you should start considering what happens if something goes wrong with this data.



Office 365 is, in itself, a very reliable solution with a high availability. But as a result of human error, or external influences, data can still get lost or lose its integrity. What if, for example…

  • …someone accidentally overwrites an important file?
  • …files are corrupted by a virus?
  • …someone deletes the wrong file or message?

Incidents like these can seriously impact your organisation’s daily operations or even lead to financial damages. Especially if it takes a while to discover the incident. If you want to be able to restore the loss of data quickly and effectively you need a solid and flexible backup. The basic services Microsoft offers might not always be sufficient in these cases.  In order to safely and professionally use cloud in your organisation our advice is to deploy a supplementary Office 365 backup solution.

Eshgro has partnered with CloudAlly to safeguard your company’s Office 365 data. The CloudAlly backup solution seamlessly integrates with Office 365 and ensures a daily copy is made of all your email messages, calendars, files and SharePoint data. And in case any loss of data occurs you can easily and quickly restore to any point in your history. Making sure you can safely keep on using Office 365.


  • Daily backup of Exchange Online, OneDrive & SharePoint data
  • Item-level or folder-level restore
  • Non-destructive restore available
  • Unlimited retention
  • Data stored within EU borders
  • Offline data export available