23 April 2018

One step ahead of the competition thanks to Industry 4.0

The name Industry 4.0 is a trend in automation and data exchange. Industry 4.0 is also known as Smart Industry. We use it for industrial technologies. Industry 4.0 allows (end) users, products and processes to communicate with each other. How will it help your production facility? And how will you be one step ahead of the competition?

Industry 4.0 or Smart Industry really does make machines smart. The equipment in factories is not just read out, everything is connected. This makes it possible to know what is really happening in the production facility.

Within Industry 4.0 all parts of a factory are linked to a network. Within this network, the equipment communicates how much it is producing and what the status is. Products also communicate with the system. Through sensors they indicate where they are and if they are in good order. What’s more, it’s possible to give external instructions to the factory how much has to be manufactured, after which the equipment will automatically adjust.

Lead times are decreased, because machines ‘talk’ to each other. Problems or malfunctions are sorted out easily and quickly, resulting in more efficient work. Even in the service department there are systems that predict required maintenance work. The equipment indicates which parts need to be replaced or are subject to wear and tear.

Cost optimization

Costs are made predictable by working smart. It is easy to scale up or down. Are new staff members being employed? You can scale up right away. Any new applications are also easily added to the system.


The security of business data is crucial. Thanks to our certifications (ISO 27001, ISAE 3402 type 2 and NEN 7510) we can guarantee the security of your user data, processes and applications. Build on a secure and trusted cloud environment.

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