15 January 2018

Make the most of your digital workplace

Innovations for the online workplace come in quick succession, from new ways to cooperate to increasing mobility, and technical innovations such as blockchain. But what does it mean for the future of your digital workplace? Here you’ll read about several developments that could help you make the most of your cloud workplace.

Goodbye desktop

When we talk about a workplace, we often still think of a desktop. A traditional one with icons for your applications and files. But working in the cloud has changed this. Important applications are available in a browser, or even through an app on your smartphone. The role of a desktop has become much less important. This trend will continue, until the browser itself becomes the main workplace, with direct access to all your files from every device, within and outside the cloud.

The hybrid workplace

Most businesses use a combination of several cloud applications, often even a mix of public and private cloud platforms. But as a user you don’t want to have to think about which application has been placed in which cloud environment. You just want to have easy access to all your documents and essentials, preferably without having to enter your password for each and every application. The modern, digital workplace, therefore, has to facilitate access to applications and data from various sources, to make sure that you as a user can focus on your work without further ado.

User once more the focus

Too often the workplace is discussed from an IT point-of-view. There is a lot of talk about server resources, network protocols and other technical stuff. Oddly enough, the user and the business objectives end up in second place. This has to change. Luckily more and more tools have become available with which it is possible to create a workplace based on functional business requirements, serving the ambitions and growth of your business. This approach also allows IT managers and service providers to clearly show the value of their work has added. It is immediately clear, for example, what your IT costs will be. A fixed amount, per user, per month.

Customized for each business

Every business is unique. With its own vision, work methods and ambitions. It doesn’t need much explaining that each organisation needs its own workplace. This is becoming ever more accessible. Businesses of any size can easily create an online workplace using tools such as the Cloud Configurator. Based on functional wishes and requirements. For a transparent, flexible monthly fee.

Curious to know more about the ideal cloud workplace for your organisation? Looking for more information? We would love to tell you more about the uses for your business and can put you in contact with one of our specialized IT partners.