10 July 2017

Is the ISVs route to cloud simpler than you realised?

Businesses are moving their applications, services, and data to the cloud at a faster rate than ever. Worldwide IT cloud services revenue is predicted to reach $127 billion by 2018. For independent software vendors (ISVs), that means big opportunities – but only if you can overcome the challenges and costs of migrating your apps to the cloud.
So, what are those opportunities – and how can your ISV take advantage of them?

Why do businesses prefer cloud software?

Before we answer that, let’s recap why cloud software is becoming so popular with business users:
• It’s usually ‘pay as you go’ – instead of buying expensive licenses, businesses pay a small amount per month
• It scales easily – when usage goes up, cloud software providers already have the infrastructure in place to cope
• It can reduce hardware costs – when their software runs on a cloud server, businesses don’t need to buy or manage their own
• It’s available anywhere, anytime – so teams can work and access data more flexibly
• Deployment, security and maintenance are simpler – because they’re managed by the software vendor

No wonder businesses are moving away from on-premises solutions and towards cloud.

ISV cloud opportunities

It’s no surprise, then, that cloud software demand is rising and on-premises software is becoming less popular.
For your ISV, that can mean unmissable opportunities.
First, cloud software brings recurring revenues that can increase your total income. Business pay per user per month, for as long as they use your software. And those payments can add up over time.

Second, on-boarding new customers is easier. Most cloud software can run on almost any computer, and customisation can be done remotely if needed.
And third, offering cloud-based software can also save you money. When you partner with a cloud service partner like Eshgro, part of the Cloud 28+ community sponsored by HPE Helion, you get out-of-the-box cloud infrastructure and your own hardware costs could be reduced.

Migrate to cloud the easy way

Is it really so easy to start offering cloud software though?
While the opportunities may be very tempting, many ISVs are put off by a lack of cloud expertise within their company, or the misconception that a large up-front investment is needed.

When you partner with leading cloud infrastructure provider like Eshgro, their loss can be your gain.
• Getting started is easy and inexpensive – Eshgro has the expertise to take your portfolio to the cloud quickly, with no financial risk
• It’s secure and reliable – Building your own cloud may be risky and daunting, but using an established infrastructure gives your customers great security and availability
• It’s designed to help you grow – Cloud makes scaling up easy, not just for your customers but for you as well. Pay for the capacity you need and increase it as your customer-base grows.