10 July 2017

How do ISVs solve a problem like cloud security?

You may already know about the business opportunities that cloud software delivery offers, as well as the significant cost savings. But there’s another crucial issue for independent software vendors (ISVs) thinking of moving their apps to the cloud: data security.

When you start providing software in the cloud, you’re likely to start processing and storing your customers’ data directly. That also means their security and compliance needs become your security and compliance needs.

Hit de ground running

Yet if you’re new to cloud, you may lack the in-house knowledge to tackle these security issues with confidence.
Fortunately, that’s no reason to shy away from cloud software’s potential – not when you can partner with an expert cloud infrastructure provider like Eshgro, who can make sure you hit the ground running.

Reduce the cost of cloud security

Firstly, a good cloud provider will already have in place an infrastructure with proven integrity, confidentiality and security. Eshgro is a member of Cloud 28+, an HPE Helion-sponsored community of Europe’s best cloud providers. Eshgro cloud infrastructure is also built on HPE CloudAgile technologies, which ensures ISVs always benefit from the latest security and trusted compliancy.
So ISVs don’t have to spend the huge amount of time and resources needed to set up their own cloud. You can provide excellent security, without the up-front investment.

Reassure customers

This also means you can protect your customers’ data. When a business chooses a cloud software solution, it has the right to expect the ISV will:
• Make sure private data isn’t seen, stolen or misused by a third party
• Prevent loss of data
• Make sure data and software are available all the time (or around 99.9% of the time)
Building an infrastructure that can deliver on these expectations would be hard work for any company new to cloud.
With a cloud provider, secure infrastructure is available out of the box – so you can continue to focus on building great software.

Easily meet verified standards

Once you start exploring cloud software delivery, you may also discover that your customers have specific IT governance and data storage needs. Typically, they’ll require external service providers to meet independent assurance standards such as ISAE 3402.

A good cloud infrastructure provider can again help you hit the ground running. The Eshgro CSB Suite, for example, is verified to meet the ISAE 3402 standard on security, data handling and anti-fraud measures. The software delivered by Eshgro cloud infrastructure can offer the same verified standards.

Receive 25% off cloud infrastructure

So that’s cloud security sewn up, with no up-front investment required. Want to save even more? Connect your first client before December 31 2016 and receive additional 25% of the monthly invoice as a bonus.